Best Movie Songs by Decade

Music has been an important part of movies for quite some time. Back in the early 1900’s, when motion pictures were still in their infancy, the technology did not exist to connect sound with images. Rather than leave the audience in silence, theater owners would hire a pianist, organist, or even a full orchestra to play music that fit the mood of the film. This trend quickly caught on and, by the 1920s, films came with sheet music. Some films even came with complete film scores.

Two of the most important technological advances in film came in the 1920s: color and sound. The first feature-length movie originally presented as a “talkie” was The Jazz Singer, released in October 1927. It seems only fitting that the movie would be a musical.

While the organist and pianist lost their jobs, the composers in Hollywood did not. Music had become so connected with movies that two would remain together going forward.

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