Best Sorry I Hurt You Breakup Songs

What are the best I hurt you breakup songs?

Wondering what the best songs are to express sorrow over a relationship? The best sorry I hurt you breakup songs are listed below. These songs express sorrow over how a breakup occurred. They are the “sorry I was a jerk” songs. A breakup is bad enough, but when someone is hurt in this way it is even worse. Having to say I’m sorry means the other person was treated in a very bad way. The awful feelings involved are hard to deny.

If you want the best sorry I hurt you breakup songs, you will find them here. These songs relay the messages and feelings often felt when a breakup ends this way. The pain and anguish can linger on for a very long time. Often saying I’m sorry is not enough, as the damage has already been done. You may find some peace with knowing this has happened before to other people.

      1. “Always on My Mind” performed by Willie Nelson or Elvis Presley
      2. “Goodbye” performed by Air Supply
      3. “Hard to Say I’m Sorry” performed by Chicago
      4. “Mandy” performed by Barry Manilow
      5. “The Reason” performed by Hoobastank

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