Best Grand Entrance Songs

What are the best wedding grand entrance songs?

The grand entrance refers to the moment when you and your bridal party enter the reception. Typically, it is done right before dinner is served or before the bride and groom’s first dance. If you have not gotten over your shyness during the wedding ceremony, this moment will probably do it.

The most common order for the Grand Entrance is the following:

  1. Parents of the Bride and Groom
  2. Ushers
  3. Bridesmaids and Groomsmen
  4. Best Man and or Maid / Matron of Honor
  5. Flower Girl and Ring Bearer
  6. Bride and Groom

Choosing the right song (or songs) can be difficult. Most couples choose an upbeat song and use it to liven up the reception. However, what mood this song sets can vary. Some couples may choose a romantic song while others might pick a humorous one.

Many couples use the grand entrance to illustrate their personality as a couple and set the tone for the wedding. It is a moment that can be sweet and sentimental or give everyone in the room a good chuckle. Allow me to illustrate:

  1. Entrance One: The couple walks serenely hand in hand while Etta James’s “At Last” plays.
  2. Entrance Two: The couple sashays in while “Happy Together” plays.
  3. Entrance Three: The couple marches in while the “Imperial March” from Star Wars plays.
  4. Entrance Four: The couple jogs in while “Let’s get Ready to Rumble” plays. The bride and groom high five the bridal party and other guests as they make their way towards their seats.

As you can see, there are a variety of directions that you can go with for this moment. Whichever style you choose, make sure that someone is put in charge of “setting the stage” before this moment occurs –  a pathway needs to be cleared, lighting needs to be set, the DJ needs to be cued, etc. Make sure these details are handled or you could risk turning the grand entrance into the grand flop. And speaking of the DJ, make sure that he knows how to pronounce everyone’s name. Give him or her a list where each name is spelled phonetically. If Monica pronounces her name so it rhymes with unique-a and not harmonica, the DJ needs to know. Have fun with the bridal party by writing up an amusing tidbit or line about each one that the DJ can then announce as the person enters.

Below you will find a list of some of the best grand entrance songs. We’ve included some notes about the style of the song to help you make your selection. For your convenience, we have compiled the songs in a playlist, making it easy for you to listen to a sample or purchase a song. A detailed listing of the songs, along with brief commentary, is provided below the playlist.

Best Songs for the Wedding Grand Entrance

  1. “1999” performed by Prince
  2. “Accidentally in Love” performed by the Counting Crows – from the Shrek 2 soundtrack
  3. “Ain’t That a Kick in the Head” performed by Dean Martin
  4. “Also Sprach Zarathustra” by Richard Strauss Theme – this is the theme song from 2001: A Space Odyssey.
  5. “Always and Forever” performed by Heatwave – A popular first dance song that also works for the bride and groom’s entrance.
  6. “Another One Bites The Dust” performed by Queen – A classic rock song with a strong beat.
  7. “Ants Marching” performed by Dave Matthews Band – An upbeat song with a lot of horn.
  8. “At Last” performed by Etta James – Popular slow song that is also used as the first dance and the last dance.
  9. “Beautiful Day” performed by U2 – A nice rock song with an upbeat theme.
  10. “Bittersweet Symphony” performed by Verve – A rock song that does sound more like a symphony than what you’re expecting. Check it out of you want something between classical and modern.
  11. “Celebration” performed by Kool & The Gang – A disco song that works well for the bridal party’s entrance.
  12. “Chapel of Love” performed by Dixie Cups – The famous 60s pop song that seems to make its way into any movie about getting married.
  13. “Children” performed by Robert Miles – A very upbeat and fast instrumental.
  14. “Crazy In Love” performed by Beyoncé featuring Jay-Z – A R&B / Hip-Hop song that has become popular recently.
  15. “Crazy Train” performed by Ozzy Osburne – A song that works for people who like Ozzy Osborne or hard rock.
  16. “Danger Zone” performed by Kenny Loggins – If you’ve ever seen Top Gun, you probably remember this song. It’s fast.
  17. “Eminence Front” performed by The Who
  18. “Enter Sandman” performed by Metallica – A classic rock song.
  19. “Everybody Have Fun Tonight” performed by Wang Chung – A popular fast dance song from the 80s
  20. “Eye of the Tiger” by Survivor – Theme from Rocky III
  21. “Fifth of Beethoven” by Walter Murphy – This was a disco hit and is a very fast, modern version of Beethoven’s Fifth.
  22. “Finally” performed by Ce Ce Peniston – A 90s dance song
  23. “Get Ready For This” by 2 Unlimited – technotronic dance song
  24. “Get the Party Started” by P!nk – Hip Hop
  25. “The Godfather Waltz” performed by the City of Prague Philharmonic – this is the song that most people feel is the theme song of The Godfather movies.
  26. “Gonna Fly Now” (Theme from Rocky) performed by Bill Conti – the theme from Rocky is great for the bridal party entrance.
  27. “Groove Is In the Heart” performed by Deee-Lite – this is a dance song from the 90s that you might recognize once you hear it.
  28. “Grow Old With You” performed by Stephen Lynch (in The Wedding Singer) – Adam Sandler originally sang this song over the intercom of the plane at the end of the movie. His version is only available on the CD, but Steven Lynch (who performed it in the Broadway version) is quite good.
  29. “Happy Together” performed by The Turtles – A very light-hearted song from the 60s that most people will recognize.
  30. “Here Comes The Hot Stepper” performed by Ini Kamozie – A combo between a hip-hop and a dance song. Upbeat makes it good for bridal party entrance.
  31. “Highway to Hell” performed by AC/DC – AC/DC does not currently offer any of its songs as downloads. But the CD is good enough to consider purchasing. If you had people who were saying you’re making a big mistake, this is your song.
  32. “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” performed by Marvin Gaye – A song popular from the 60s, the version by Gaye is as good for the bride and groom’s entrance as the version by Taylor listed just below this one.
  33. “How Sweet It Is (To Be Loved By You)” performed by James Taylor
  34. “I Feel Good (I Got You)” performed by James Brown – this song really sets the mood for the happy couple.
  35. “I’m a Believer” performed by Smash Mouth – while this song was originally done by the Monkees, Smash Mouth’s version is currently more popular.
  36. “Isn’t She Lovely” performed by Stevie Wonder – a favorite father-daughter dance, it’s also good for bridesmaids and flower girls.
  37. “It Had to be You” performed by Harry Connick, Jr. – a classic song, probably most famous for being in When Harry Met Sally.
  38. “Let’s Get it Started” performed by Black Eyed Peas – hip-hop, very upbeat.
  39. “Let’s Get Married” performed by Jagged Edge – an upbeat contemporary R&B song
  40. “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble” performed by Michael Buffer – If you are looking for the sports version of this song, I’ve only seen it on Jock Jams. FYI… “Let’s Get Ready to Rumble!” is a trademarked catchphrase used to introduce the featured bouts on televised boxing events presented by promoter Bob Arum and his Top Rank, Inc. organization.
  41. “Like a Virgin” performed by Madonna
  42. “L-O-V-E” performed by Nat King Cole – one of the last jazz songs released before Cole died, the song has also been done by a ton of other singers.
  43. “Love and Marriage” performed by Frank Sinatra – this was the theme song from Married With Children
  44. Love theme from St. Elmo’s Fire by David Foster – St Elmo’s Fire was a popular 80s film about teenagers (aka the brat pack) coming of age. The instrumental song is nice enough to be used without the film connection ( which is good since most people under 30 won’t recognize it).
  45. “Love Train” performed by the O’Jays – disco hit from the 70s
  46. “Men in Black” performed by Will Smith- not that great for the bridesmaids, but perfect for the groomsmen and ushers.
  47. Theme from Mission Impossible performed by Danny Elfman
  48. “Oh Yeah” performed by Yello – this song has been in countless movies and TV shows. It is played anytime the director wants to illustrate an attraction or seduction.
  49. “Olympic Fanfare” performed by the Boston Pops Orchestra
  50. “Only Time” performed by Enya – very traditional Enya type of song that is good for almost any portion of the grand entrance.
  51. “Peter Gunn Theme” performed by various artists – most people will recognize this tune, but probably won’t know the name unless they have seen The Blues Brothers.
  52. “Puttin’ On the Ritz” performed by Fred Astaire – “Puttin On the Ritz” was made famous by Fred Astaire, but the song was first performed by Clark Gable in Idiot’s Delight. Trust me, Astaire’s version is better – consider also, Taco’s version listed below.
  53. “Putin’ On the Ritz” performed by Taco – a modern (80s) and more upbeat version of the classic song.
  54. “Raider’s March” performed by John Williams from the Indiana Jones Trilogy
  55. “Rock and Roll Pt. 2” performed by Gary Glitter – A favorite for sports fans. This song is played at almost every sports event, but few people know its name.
  56. “Soul Bossa Nova” performed by Quincy Jones –  this is considered the theme song from Austin Powers, not to be confused with “Austin’s Theme” on the original soundtrack.
  57. Star Wars Imperial March by John Williams – I believe that if you use the Star Wars Main Theme, you should use this song (linked with Darth Vader) for your parent’s entrance.
  58. Star Wars Main Theme by John Williams – If you’re not familiar with this song, then you might as well scroll on by. However, if you use this for your grand entrance, you need to at least consider using the “Imperial March” when the in-laws enter later.
  59. “Stuck in the Middle With You” – an up tempo song for when you discover you have “clowns to the left of you” and jokers to the right.”
  60. “Tequila” performed by The Champs – caution, this song may cause anyone to walk funny or rather to walk/dance like Pee Wee Herman from Pee Wee’s Big Adventure. For more information, check out our page on Best Musical Moments from the Movies.
  61. “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” performed by The Tokens – Anyone who didn’t know this song from the 60s will recognize it from The Lion King.
  62. “The Power of Love” performed by Huey Lewis & The News – Don’t confuse this 80s rock song with Celine Dion’s hit. This was part of the Back to The Future soundtrack.
  63. “The Wedding Song (There Is Love)” performed by Mary MacGregor or Peter, Paul and Mary – there is also an instrumental version by Kenny G.
  64. “This Will Be (an everlasting love)” performed by Natalie Cole – Cole’s debut hit, upbeat R&B, it has appeared in at least seven movies, including While You Were Sleeping and Must Love Dogs.
  65. “Walk This Way” performed by Run-D.M.C. and Aerosmith – Aerosmith did this song in 1977, but it became a hip-hop hit when they remade it with Run-D.M.C.
  66. “We Are Family” performed by Sister Sledge – perfect song if your bridal party is full of siblings and cousins or if you are simply very close to members of the wedding party.
  67. “Welcome to the Jungle” performed by Guns N’ Roses – An 80s rock song that screams (literally) party time.
  68. “Who Let The Dogs Out” performed by Baha Men
  69. “Wipe Out” performed by the Surfaris – a very fast song that is associated with the beach and summer (and Dirty Dancing)
  70. “Woke Up This Morning” performed by A3 – this is The Sopranos theme song
  71. “You Shook Me All Night Long” performed by AC/DC – AC/DC does not currently offer downloads
  72. “You’re The First, The Last, My Everything” performed by Barry White – Popular for the first dance and other moments during the wedding reception, it also works for the bridal couple’s grand entrance.
  73. “Zombie Nation” performed by Kernkraft – a popular techno dance frequently played at sporting events


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