Best Divorce Songs

What are the best divorce songs?

Looking for songs about divorce?  Read on for the top 24.

The best breakup songs about divorce are listed here. There are some divorce songs expressing anger, frustration, and despair over the breakup. There are also those that are more encouraging and relay positive messages about the breakup. A divorce can be a very troubling time to some, but to others it is a new beginning and a welcomed breakup. It will depend on how your divorce breakup occurred, as to which songs you prefer. Be prepared for sadness and heartache or for songs that  make fun of the relationship or celebrate the breakup; these are the “happier” divorce breakup songs. There are songs from earlier times up to today and in an array of music genres for you to choose from.

    1. “All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight” performed by Hank Williams, Jr.
    2. “Broken Vow” performed by Josh Groban
    3. “Cry On” performed by Little Texas
    4. “D-I-V-O-R-C-E” performed by Tammy Wynette
    5. “Divorce Song” performed by Liz Phair
    6. “Drinkin’ My Baby (Off My Mind)”performed by Eddie Rabbitt
    7. “Drivin’ My Wife Away” performed by Pinkard & Bowden
    8. “Goin’ through the Big D” performed by Mark Chesnutt
    9. “Good Goodbye” performed by Dawn Sears
    10. “Have A Nice Rest Of Your Life” performed by Randy Travis
    11. “Here’s A Quarter (Call Someone Who Cares)” performed by Travis Tritt
    12. “It’s All Over Now” performed by John Anderson
    13. “Men” performed by The Forester Sisters
    14. “Never Gonna Be Your Fool Again” performed by Deanna Cox
    15. “No More Tears” performed by Dawn Sears
    16. “Party Time” performed by T.G. Sheppard
    17. “Restless” performed by Mark O’Connor, Vince Gill
    18. “Someone Else’s Trouble Now” performed by Highway 101
    19. “Too Gone Too Long” performed by Randy Travis
    20. “Who’s Lonely Now” performed by Highway 101
    21. “You Can Have Him” performed by Holly Dunn
    22. “You Can’t Have A Good Time Without Me” performed by The Forester Sisters
    23. “You Really Had Me Going” performed by Holly Dunn
    24. “Younger Men” performed by K.T. Oslin

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