Best Fall Songs

Best Fall Songs

What are the best songs about fall?

Fall is a season full of colors and changes. The heat of summer is fading away and crisp, cool mornings are kicking in. College football season is “on.” The leaves are changing color and starting to fall from the trees….which unfortunately for some means a lot of raking! You can find different songs about fall in the list below. For your convenience, we have compiled the songs in a playlist, making it easy for you to listen to a sample or purchase a song. A detailed listing of the songs is provided below the playlist.


17 Best Fall & Autumn Songs

  1. “Autumn Goodbye” performed by Britney Spears
  2. “Autumn in my Life” performed by Bobb Goldsboro
  3. “Autumn in New York” performed by Ella Fitzgerald & Louis Armstrong
  4. “Autumn Leaves” performed by Roger Williams
  5. “Autumn Leaves are Falling”performed by Clannad
  6. “Harvest” performed by Neil Young
  7. “Harvest Moon” performed by Neil Young
  8. “Indian Summer” performed by The Doors
  9. “The Last Day of Summer” performed by The Cure
  10. “November Rain” performed by Guns N’ Roses
  11. “October” performed by U2
  12. “Pale September” performed by Fiona Apple
  13. “September in the Rain” performed by Frank Sinatra
  14. “September Song” performed by Sarah Vaughan & Clifford Brown
  15. “Shine on Harvest Moon” performed by Rosemary Clooney
  16. “Summer’s Gone” performed by The Kinks
  17. “Wake me up When September Ends” performed by Green Day


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